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Interpretation & Translation for Every Language

There are more than 66 million people living in UK. Over 7.7% of UK population speak limited English or no English at all.  This amounts to over 5 million people who either speak very limited or no English. According to the British Deaf Association, there are approximately 9 million people who are deaf or hard of hearing. For your organisation/company to be successful, it needs to be inclusive of all the groups of society.  This can only be achieved by investing in a language-access program and serving your customers in their preferred language.

This is where TRANSWORLD-UK can assist your organisation/company. 

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TRANSWORLD-UK is a well-established, professional company that holds an excellent reputation within the interpretation/translation industry. Our ability to offer a comprehensive language service gives us an upper hand over other companies in the field.

TRANSWORLD-UK was established in 2002 and has developed a register of qualified interpreters and translators located nationally and internationally with varied experience in a wide range of languages.

We can provide on-site or over the phone interpreting services at an agreed venue at an agreed time in every language.

We also provide translation and localisation service for any documents or any products you are promoting. What is the different between translation and localisation you may ask? The difference between translation and localisation is that localisation focuses on a target audience. You want to get through to the listeners, except for the core message; you do not mind altering the content at all as long as it delivers the message to your audience in the strongest and most effective manner. Our expert UK qualified and based translators have extensive experience of both, translation and localisation.

All our customers are equally important to us and therefore, all enquiries are given the highest priority. Once the work is commissioned to us, a Project Manager will be allocated to you who will be on hand to take your calls and answer any queries. It is as simple as that! So why not contact us and help your company break down the communication barrier!

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Why use Transworld UK?

  • National network of interpreters & translators
  • Project Manager assigned to every job
  • Quality Control measures firmly in place
  • 30-day payment terms
  • Competitive rates

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From one of our clients...

After being let down by countless other interpreters, I have found Transworld to be reliable every time.

Helen O'Neil 13/03/2020
Citizens Advice Bureau